Mystic Fay was a student at Mana Central High. She is currently dead.

Profile Edit

Background Edit

Mystic used to live an average life in an average neighborhood. On her fourth birthday, she received a pair of headphones, a sketchbook, a gaming console, and a cube called the Conundrum. However, she was mostly at home alone because her parents regularly go on business trips together. When she was twelve, her parents hid her in the basement, where Mystic soon found out what her parents were working as: they were both illegal scientists and information brokers. The files were sorted from the least prestigious to the most important people, some of these files were on the deceased. She also found out that the Conundrum was actually a weapon powered by blood that is transformed into mana. She told this to her friends during school, but almost everyone in the school died during the Massacre of Davi Middle.

Personality Edit

At first, Mystic seems sweet, optimistic, and innocent. However, she sheds that personality to show what she really is: cunning, manipulative, and sometimes mischievous. Her intelligence is really high, compared to the other students, but she can do some dumb decisions like turning into a puppy during a meeting with the apostle.

Abilities Edit

Configuration Edit

This utilizes the Conundrum by having it transform into twelve primary weapons, each with a different effect. The creation and the usage are pumped, thus using a lot of mana in the process.

Healing Tide Edit

This lasts for six turns as she and her team restore a quarter of their aura and mana during battle. It uses 260 mana.

Anticipation Edit

This allows her to anticipate where her opponent will strike and move next, thus giving her a +2 defense roll. It costs 140 mana.

Shapeshift Edit

This allows her to transform into many different animals of all shapes and sizes. Her favorites are the puppy, the kitty, the hummingbird, and the cheetah.

Death Edit

Mystic died going into the dungeon with no team and no regrets. 18 goblins clubbed her to death, thus rendering the Conundrum inactive and her stuff to disappear. (The author is wondering whether or not to make the Conundrum related to Scarlet, Viktor, Mystic, and Makaira)