Name: Gavin Takanashi

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Year: 1

Height: 6'0

Aura Color: Bloody Gold

Weapons: Lion's Moon

Theme Song: Sono Chi No Sadame

Biology: Grew up never knowing his real parents, decided that he couldn't stand living with his aunt and uncle since they were spoiling him to much. When the opportunity arose for him to go to MCH he took his chance. As a going away gift his uncle taught him some techniques he could use. His aunt gave him her sword. Has dreams of being a Harem King. The Takanashi family has alot of money. Like there is too many zeros.


Name: Takanashi Style Action Type: Passive
Study: Body Cost: N/A
Attack Type: N/A Range:
Effect: All mixed attacks the user makes against a
target ignores AC and 15% of Mana Shield.
Flavor Text: These are the techniques that his uncle taught
him that can also be enhanced with mana.
Name: Takanashi Style: Savage Stance
Action Type: Main Action Study: Body -> Aura
Cost: 100 Attack Type: Melee
Range: 1
Effect: Deals 20% physical body damage (20% mana damage
when mana is applied). After the first hit another attack
will follow after with a 10% increase to damage
Allowed to roll dc7 check, leads into rising Dragon
auto hits if succesful.
Flavor Text: Lunging type attack that rushes the enemy.
Adding mana increases the power. Mixed
Name: Takanashi Style: Rising Dragon
Action Type: Main Action Study: Body -> Aura
Cost: Pumped Attack Type: Melee
Range: 1
Effect: Deals 25% physical body damage (25% mana damage
when mana is applied, 10% increased to damage when
used after savage Stance). Allowed to roll dc8 check, leads
into crashing Tiger. Auto hit if succesful.
Flavor Text: Sends the enemy flying into the air.
Knock Up, Mixed
Name: Takanashi Appeal Action Type: RP
Study: Body Cost: #NAME?
Attack Type: Range: Self
Effect: To everyone around him he looks more
Flavor Text: Because of the Takanashi bloodline,
Gavin has been attracting plenty of peoples attension.
so much that it annoyed the crap out of him.


Aura: 8170 Mana Reserve: 1878
Health: 4085 Mana Detection: 840
Armor Class: 423 Mana Control: 1295
Mana Shield: 372 Mana Recovery: 870
Physical Dmg: 1165 Mana Invest: 306
Magic Dmg: 402